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Deb ComanDeb Coman is a writer, editor and proofreader helping online entrepreneurs communicate their message in a professional, captivating way. With Deb Coman Writing, Editing and Proofreading, you’ll create, rework and polish your written materials so they stand out, attract more clients and establish you as a leader.

Deb’s 5 Minute Tip:

Business Writing with More Ease and Less Stress

Deb’s FREE Gift for You:

Ready, Set, Write!Ready, Set, Write: How to Make Writing Less Stressful, More Fun and Much More Profitable

This informative handout will teach you how to approach your writing like professional writers do, so that you can get more done faster and with less stress and headaches.

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Kristen BeireisKristen Beireis is the Trust-Building In Marketing Expert to Coaches, Massage Therapists and other Heart-Based entrepreneurs. She is on a mission to help business owners trust in their own, natural approach to marketing, creating energy and ease.

Kristen’s 5 Minute Tip:

Stay Out of Overwhelm with Your Marketing

Kristen’s FREE Gift for You:

The Marketing Inventory Workbook

The best way to check things off of a marketing to-do list is to take inventory of everything involving marketing. When you get a bird’s-eye view, you can see what to-dos are unnecessary and which ones to keep. The Marketing Inventory Workbook will help you take inventory and decide what to keep, what to ditch, what’s working, what’s not and where you might need to shift a few things around to work better for you.

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Amanda BreseeAmanda Bresee is an Intuitive Business & Life Coach, Energy Healer, Inspirational Speaker, and the Owner of Claim It Live It; a coaching services company based in Scio, Oregon. Amanda helps her clients to uncover their calling, navigate, clarify, and authentically design and plan their businesses while staying aligned with their unique value.

Amanda’s 5 Minute Tip:

4 Steps to Eliminating Distractions

Amanda’s FREE Gift for You:

No No Yes8 Vital Questions To Ask Before Saying YES! In Your Business

The 8 Vital Questions To Ask Before Saying YES!! In Your Business is a FREE handout created as a companion to the 4 Steps to Eliminating Distractions in Your Business exercise you learned in the 5 minute tip. Asking yourself these 8 questions will help you enhance and clarify your business decision making so you say yes to the things that will keep you on track… and no to the ones that won’t.

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Tara Butler FlochTara Butler Floch CPCC, PCC, is known as “The coaches’ coach”. She has been passionately committed to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow simple, joyous, and prosperous businesses since 2000 when she founded her own consulting and coaching practice. She has helped hundreds of clients create meaningful, sustainable, thriving businesses.

Tara’s 5 Minute Tip:

The 6 C’s to Choosing the Right Strategic Alliances

Tara’s FREE Gift for You:

Strategic Alliance Exploratory Interview Guide

Do you want to collaborate more effectively with other professionals this year? Do you crave collaboration and get tired of doing it all alone? This Strategic Alliance Exploratory Interview Guide will help you ascertain whether you and your prospective Strategic Alliances are good potential matches for each other and whether you are likely to be able to create an equal energy exchange between you that is a win for you, a win for them, AND a win for your collective clients.

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Erica Ross-Krieger is a Board Certified Business Coach and EFT Expert who shows entrepreneurs who are struggling with financial results they’re not happy with how to overcome inner money-blocks, step boldly forward, grow thriving businesses and substantially increase their income.

Erica’s 5 Minute Tip:

Double Your Income

Erica’s FREE Gift for You:

7-Step Action Plan for Prosperity

Implement this 7-Step Action Plan and you’ll be well on your way to creating increased income-levels and true prosperity from the inside out. Includes a powerful tip for shaping your entrepreneurial Mission Statement, suggested reading list and a key question you MUST ask yourself regularly.

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C.J. Hayden, MCC, CPPC is a business coach and the author of Get Clients Now! Since 1992, she’s been helping self-employed professionals get clients, get strategic, and get things done. Her simple system for marketing and sales has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get more business with less effort.

CJ’s 5 Minute Tip:

Get Your Marketing Unstuck

CJ’s FREE Gift for You:

Get Your Marketing UnstuckGet Your Marketing Unstuck Journal

With the Get Your Marketing Unstuck Journal, you’ll have an easy-to-use tool for discovering the stuck places in your marketing and how to get business flowing!

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Kristy SchnabelKristy Schnabel is a social media strategies and internet marketing consultant who helps women entrepreneurs with quick & easy strategies to boost their business. She’s been profitable for 10+ years and relishes helping others master new technologies.

Kristy’s 5 Minute Tip:

Your Social Media Content: Mix It Up, Baby!

Kristy’s FREE Gift for You:

Get Started with Social Media Kit

The Get Started with Social Media Kit helps small businesses to know what to post on social media. It includes a marketing checklist, tools, content suggestions, and a calendar. Most of all, it has the “content mix pyramid” to help you mix up your social media content to keep your audience engaged.

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Lesa Townsend is an Online Business Consultant, Trainer and the founder of Vor Business Training. Through Vor Business Training, Lesa provides affordable training courses and consulting to help coaches serve more clients and change more lives™.

Lesa’s 5 Minute Tip:

3 Steps to Email Marketing that Works

Lesa’s FREE Gift for You:

MailChimp Step-by-Step

In this 10-lesson virtual training, you’ll learn everything you need to know to use MailChimp to create a mailing list for your business. Includes tips on creating beautiful optin boxes, delivering free gifts, and managing multiple lists.

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Nathalie Chapron, C.B.I.C, “The French Stylist Extraordinaire” is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs go from ‘Hiding” to “Shining.” Her mission is to help them look great, feel more confident and attract tons of their ideal clients into their business.

Nathalie’s 5 Minute Tip:

Boost Your Sales and Credibility From the Stage

Nathalie’s FREE Gift for You:

I Shine Toolkit

The I Shine Toolkit will show you how to put outfits together that make you look great, have people take you more seriously, are comfortable to wear and feel like YOU. Includes:

  • Special Report: Discover and Eliminate the 5 Most Costly Style Mistakes Women Speakers Make
  • Special Report: Colors That Sabotage Your Sales & Credibility and What You Can Wear Instead
  • Video: Five Simple (and Inexpensive) Style Makeover Secrets Most Women Don’t Know That Will Boost Your Confidence, Make You Stand Out, Get Noticed and Gain Influence in Your Market
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Cydney O'SullivanCydney O’Sullivan is a teacher and consultant for Speakers, Coaches and Entrepreneurs, helping them operate in their passion by clearing all the bottlenecks to their marketing and promotional success. The author of 9 bestselling books, Cydney helps experts get published, get social and get profitable.

Cydney’s 5 Minute Tip:

Write an eBook to Connect With Your Ideal Clients

Cydney’s FREE Gift for You:

Experts Success:
How To Be A Highly Paid Speaker, Trainer or Coach

This ebook will show you how you can build a multi-million dollar business with your expertise, including how to:

  • Assess the Four Pillars of the Expert Industry to quickly realize where you need to improve.
  • Market in the New Global Economy to maximize your ROIs and get 6 to 7 Figure returns.
  • Get Consistent Results in your speaking, training, or coaching business.
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