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VOR Business Training offers online training to help you grow your business affordably.  The business was founded on the idea that you move forward more quickly when the training materials match your educational level and the needs of your business.

Our training courses are packaged so the materials contained in them are easy to learn and quick to implement.  In this way, you can take a course, apply what you learn, and then sign up for the next course… all while maintaining forward motion, ensuring more success for your business and a greater impact on the world.

You can find a complete list of courses offered here.

Why “Vor”?

Vor: Goddess of WisdomVor is the Norse Goddess of Wisdom.

Vor is endowed with prudence; she searches into all things so that nothing remains hidden from her.

Linda Demissy says, Vor “is Goddess of truth without embellishments, and while brutally blunt in honesty, her intent is to help. She wants you to straighten out your life and clean up your act.”



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