Beyond Tweeting: Why Your Business Should be on Twitter

52% of Twitter users report that they have purchased a product they first learned about on Twitter. Yet, only 12% of US small businesses use Twitter.And while Facebook has nearly 5 times as many active monthly users as Twitter, your business shouldn’t ignore the powerful Twitter platform.

In case you think that Twitter is only about pushing out tweets to your “followers”, here are 5 important reasons your business should be on Twitter that have nothing to do with tweeting.

Your Business can use Twitter to:

Generate Leads for Your Business

You can generate leads for your business by connecting with people who actively need your products and services, even if they have never heard of you or your business.

  1. Use Twitter Search to search for the words and phrases that your ideal client would use to describe their problem. For example, I have a free training program on how to use MailChimp, so I could search for “MailChimp” or “MailChimp optin form” or “MailChimp list” to find people struggling with this email marketing software.
  1. Use an @reply or @mention to reply to the tweets you find and offer an appropriate tip, suggestion, or link to a resource.

Track Changes in Your Industry

In most industries, changes happen quicker now than even 5 years ago.  Keeping up with them – so your business doesn’t get left behind as the industry changes around it – can be a big time investment.  But it doesn’t have to be when you let Twitter help you with the research.

Add the @usernames of publications and experts in your industry —  as well as your competition — to Twitter Lists so you can quickly and easily find just the tweets that interest you, and keep your finger on the pulse of your industry in real time.

Build Community

It’s always be easier – and less expensive – to keep an existing customer than to find a new one.  In the age of social media, keeping your current customers entails not just creating a great product, but staying in touch with them after the sale.

From responding to customer questions and complaints posted online to engaging with them about your product or service, to offering them discounts and special offers, community is emerging as the “sales funnel” of the future.

Manage Your Brand

Brand management is the process of maintaining, improving, and upholding a brand so that the name is associated with positive results, including maintaining and increasing sales volumes.

One of the biggest tools in the brand manager’s tool box is social media, where you can monitor the conversations happening about your brand in real time and respond to them as appropriate.


Twitter gives you access to people and organizations that you would otherwise not be able to reach directly.  Simply retweeting the content of people you’d like to connect with, or @mentioning them in your tweets, can help you connect with them.

But don’t forget that there are people on Twitter looking for experts just like you and when you aren’t there, the opportunity goes to someone else.

In 2014, I put together a list building event called the Business Strategy Expo.  It featured 20 business experts sharing actionable, 5 minute tips.  In putting together the lineup of experts, I started with people I already knew, but only had 5 folks say yes.  To fill out the rest of the slots, I turned to Twitter.  No Twitter profile meant I didn’t know you existed, and therefore couldn’t invite you to participate in my event.

Tools to Monitor Twitter for You

You do not need to go to Twitter yourself in order to put these strategies to work in your business.  Nor do you need to hire an expensive social media manager to monitor Twitter for you.

Simply sign up for a free account with SocialOomph and set up a Twitter Keyword Alert.  One alert can monitor up to 50 keywords, so include your @username, the usernames of your competitors, industry experts, industry publications, and common hashtags and language used by your intended audience when encountering the problems you help them solve.  Your Twitter Keyword Alert will be emailed to you either once a day or every 12 hours, as SocialOomph finds tweets that match your keywords.

Having a business presence on Twitter is about a lot more than tweeting out messages to your followers.  Smart businesses realize that Twitter allows you to listen in on real time to conversations your ideal customers are having with each other about your brand, your products, and the problems you can help them solve.  Remember, social media is about listening as much as talking and Twitter remains the leader in social listening.

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