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MailChimp Step-by-Step

MailChimp Step-by-Step TrainingThe MailChimp Step-by-Step Course is designed to help walk you through all of the tools that MailChimp offers so you can avoid frustration and learn how to grow your mailing list.

Some benefits that MailChimp offers that are hard to find in other providers:

Free Account. Not a free trial, but a totally free account with no expiration. This account will serve you until you have more than 2,000 subscribers or send more than 12,000 emails a month. Or until you want to use one of the paid features.

Groups. Segment any of your mailing lists into groups you create and then send messages to the subscribers based on their group membership.

Behavior-based Marketing. Send messages based on subscriber behavior: when they open an email, click a link in an email, or visit your website, for example. Personalizing follow-up like this is generally only available in the most expensive ecommerce solutions.

Google Analytics Integration. Easily track the website traffic generated from your email marketing with the built in integration. Data is tracked both at the “list” level as well as the campaign (or individual email) level (campaign level is optional).

MailChimp is probably the best Email Service Provider (ESP) available, but most users haven’t unlocked all that it can do and as a result, often leave MailChimp for a different provider unnecessarily. Although MailChimp’s service is pretty user-friendly and they even offer some pretty good getting started tutorials, many people find they need more explanation or hand-holding in order to master the tools necessary to use the service effectively.

This course — MailChimp Step-by-Step – will walk you through how to use MailChimp from the very beginning, using language that you understand, so that you can confidently use all of the amazing features that MailChimp offers.

But if you already have some familiarity with MailChimp, you are also free to move through the Course in whatever order works for you.

MailChimp is a great tool. But no tool will help you to grow your business if you don’t know how to use it. This free training will show you exactly how to use MailChimp to grow a mailing list for your business.

MailChimp Step-by-Step covers:

Getting Started:

  • Create your first mailing list
  • Stylize the forms used in the sign up process to coordinate with your website
  • Import and add subscribers

Sending Mail:

  • How to create beautiful campaigns and templates
  • Sending to portions of your list (segments and groups)
  • Replicating campaigns


  • Adding sign up (or optin) forms to your website
  • Sending “thank you gifts” to new subscribers
  • Using MailChimp to host your pdf documents and mp3 files

Advanced Techniques:

  • Add a sign up form to your Facebook Business Page
  • Set up autoresponder messages that go out on a time delay sequence
  • Integrate multiple lists into one to make sending campaigns simpler
  • Manage your Canadian subscribers to comply with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL)
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This Course is for anyone who is new to email marketing and using MailChimp, as well as those who have a MailChimp account but haven’t quite figured out how to make the most of what MailChimp has to offer (in other words, if you are frustrated, this course is for you).

Virtual assistants who want to learn more about making MailChimp work for their clients will find a lot of value in this course as well.

Note: This course focuses on integration between MailChimp and self-hosted WordPress websites. If you site is not based on the WordPress platform, you will still find much of what is included worthwhile but will have to adapt the integration sections to suit your own situation.

I Highly Recommend this Course…

Irene ChambersThe MailChimp Step-by-Step training is phenomenal! The lessons are laid out logically, taking you from novice to knowledgeable in a systematic and easy manner, including action steps to get you going. Lesa Townsend’s calm, steady voice takes you under her wing as she expertly demonstrates each step, walking you through everything from set up to autoresponders. Her advice about what to do and not to do (and why) is so helpful, like having a mentor, not just a teacher. I highly recommend this course!

Irene Chambers
Virtual Assistant

I’ve Finally Been Able to Implement Email Marketing in My Business…

Chantal LevenThe training focused on tools that I could use, spoken in a simple language that I could understand, with a step-by-step visual explanation that I could see and immediately apply. In addition, the trainer’s voice is very calm which helped me relax as I was learning how to build my newsletter template and get passed the challenges that had kept me from sending out my newsletter for 4 months. Thanks to this training, I have been able to finally use email marketing to grow my business.

Chantal Leven
Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Life Strategist and Business Coach

I Would Never Have Been Able to do it on my Own…

Vinianne Sinclair

Before I watched your MailChimp Step-by-Step videos, I stumbled around in the free trainings on MailChimp’s website, but they were not created with internet marketing in mind. I would never been able to put together a coherent marketing and customer relationships strategy like you outlined in your clear, concise, step by step tutorials on my own.

Your directives are easy to follow and very powerful for email management and list segregation that helped me to see how I can stay in touch with clients and customers from their unique interests without an expensive system.

Thanks for your generosity for making it a free training which is so helpful for those of us just getting started and on a limited budget.

Vivianne Sinclaire

I Loved the Way the Training Was Delivered…

deb-comanI am up and running with MailChimp now, with a great deal of thanks to the MailChimp Step-by-Step Course. I feel so fortunate to have found your free training and think that people would gladly pay for it.

I loved the way the training was delivered: the pace, explanations, and focus on what was important for initial set-up were all perfect.

Deb Coman

MailChimp Step-by-Step

Unlock the robust power of MailChimp in the MailChimp Step-by-Step Course and grow your business through email marketing. Learn everything you need to know: start your first list, add subscribers, create beautiful sign up forms, send campaign messages, and automate your follow up with autoresponders.

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