Testimonials from Our Students

Testimonials from Our Students2018-01-26T10:12:07+00:00

I Loved the Way the Training Was Delivered…

I am up and running with MailChimp now, with a great deal of thanks to the MailChimp Step-by-Step Course. I feel so fortunate to have found your free training and think that people would gladly pay for it.

I loved the way the training was delivered: the pace, explanations, and focus on what was important for initial set-up were all perfect.

Deb Coman

The Course Made SEO Easy to Implement in My Business…

I know SEO is important, but I’m never taken the time to learn much about it. I was intimidated by the topic because I thought it was really complicated. But I took the time to do the SEO for Bloggers Course and am glad I did. The Course made SEO easy to understand and implement in my business. That one tip about the meta description is huge! I had no idea! Thank you!

Heidi Huebner
Co-founder of Blue Bird Hill Homestead

I’ve Finally Been Able to Implement Email Marketing in My Business…

Chantal LevenThe training focused on tools that I could use, spoken in a simple language that I could understand, with a step-by-step visual explanation that I could see and immediately apply. In addition, the trainer’s voice is very calm which helped me relax as I was learning how to build my newsletter template and get passed the challenges that had kept me from sending out my newsletter for 4 months. Thanks to this training, I have been able to finally use email marketing to grow my business.

Chantal Leven
Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Life Strategist and Business Coach

I Would Never Have Been Able to do it on my Own…

Vinianne Sinclair

Before I watched your MailChimp Step-by-Step videos, I stumbled around in the free trainings on MailChimp’s website, but they were not created with internet marketing in mind. I would never been able to put together a coherent marketing and customer relationships strategy like you outlined in your clear, concise, step by step tutorials on my own.

Your directives are easy to follow and very powerful for email management and list segregation that helped me to see how I can stay in touch with clients and customers from their unique interests without an expensive system.

Thanks for your generosity for making it a free training which is so helpful for those of us just getting started and on a limited budget.

Vivianne Sinclaire

I Feel More Inspired As the Result of This Course…

Pernilla LillaroseBlogging for Business is a great course. Lesa really knows her stuff and brought so much value to the course. I especially enjoyed the Writing Workshop because lot of the things we learned came alive as we shared our posts with each other. As a result of this course, I feel much more inspired to blog more, and feel more confident about how to do it well.

Pernilla Lillarose
Self Love Mystic & Mentor

I Highly Recommend this Course…

Irene ChambersThe MailChimp Step-by-Step training is phenomenal! The lessons are laid out logically, taking you from novice to knowledgeable in a systematic and easy manner, including action steps to get you going. Lesa Townsend’s calm, steady voice takes you under her wing as she expertly demonstrates each step, walking you through everything from set up to autoresponders. Her advice about what to do and not to do (and why) is so helpful, like having a mentor, not just a teacher. I highly recommend this course!

Irene Chambers
Virtual Assistant

The Course Far Exceeded My Expectations…

Jeannette HillThe content covered in the Blogging for Business Course far exceeded my expectations. I knew very little going into this class and wasn’t sure I could do a regular blog, but the class provided so much helpful information that I now plan on writing a blog consistently.

Some other marketing techniques I’ve been taught I’m not able to do at this time given the small scope of my practice, but blogging feels very natural for me to do and is something I can do on a small budget. Through this course, I discovered that I enjoy blogging and see how I can use it to communicate more in depth about my work.

Blogging for Business is an outstanding class and I highly recommend it.

Jeannette Hill
Spiritual Intuitive and Medium

Your Course Has Saved Me $$$…

Amanda BreseeAfter 4 years of writing content, I thought I knew enough to just keep doing what I knew how to do….it didn’t seem like it was that big of a priority to learn more about SEO. At the same time, I also felt that the concepts behind SEO were hard to learn and meant to be left to a professional SEO expert.

I now realize that both perceptions were wrong after completing the SEO for Bloggers and Other Content Creators Course.

Throughout this entire training I learned new tips, guidelines, and understanding that I know now will allow me to gain higher SEO in all that I publish. I feel like I have the tools that I need to be successful on my own without hiring an SEO expert, saving me hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Amanda Bresee


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